The Brownstone Workshop - Résumé Writer & Life Coach -
We carry a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular services are shown below. Call for custom options.

Résumé Writing Services
  • A résumé only.
  • A 'new' professionally, formatted, written and designed package that includes: a résumé, cover letter and references page.

Business Referral Program
  • Refer (3) people for my services. Receive a FREE Résumé or FREE 30-min coaching session.

Life Coaching Services
  • A 30-day coaching commitment (unlimited emails, telephone, weekly homework, & in-person) coaching
  • Support new and established entrepreneurs with start-up advice, marketing, research, development and organization of their ventures.
  • Provide a clear vision regarding personal and business issues.  

Life_Coach_Flyer.docx (DOCX — 73 KB)

Telephone Coaching Sessions
  • Three telephone intervals (30, 60 & 90 minutes) designed to answer your urgent questions relating to business or personal issues. Forward 3 to 6 questions or concerns along with your short-term goals.


 Highly recommended.
Owner takes pride in her work!
(K. Dail, Easton, PA)

Highly recommend​ Yasmeen. Fair price and professional. I have personally received several call backs from my résumé.
(K. Shabazz, Cary, NC) 

I referred a family member who is changing career paths to Yasmeen. Once the résumé and cover letter was complete, I received a copy. I was very impressed with the high-quality detailed information. Yasmeen made the résumé standout. I highly recommend Yasmeen to build a professional résumé and cover letter to get noticed by employers. Thank you Yasmeen! 
(Asmaa, PA )

I found working with Yasmeen extremely helpful. She created my résumé package which received immediate attention from perspective employers. The life coaching sessions included work assignments that made me think and reflect on my present situation and life choices. Yasmeen provided a lot of support and insight to begin my job search and life plan goals. Yasmeen focused on me and my needs. I have a lot of book knowledge, but she put a common sense approach to my problems. Anxiety made it difficult for me to sleep. Yasmeen provided holistic remedies and recommended natural herbs. Yasmeen motivated me and now I’m back on track (refocused). Yasmeen had a genuineness that allowed me to think and focus on my needs, and suggested that my ultimate goal should be happiness. Overall, I was very satisfied with the service.
(H. Dushi, New York City)

Yasmeen Abdur-Rahman provided a very clear objective assessment of my needs in organizing myself to be more efficient. She discussed clear and simple methods for me to try to eliminate stress and to keep pace with my schedule. I have used them and they work. Now I can get most of my work done, accomplish goals and not be stressed out.
(H. Majeed, Atlanta, GA)

The Brownstone Workshop have been a "God-Send" to me! I couldn't have completed my Master's Degree without Yasmeen's assistance with typing all assignments and my thesis. My Divorce! Yes, Yasmeen completed my divorce. Yasmeen is a close friend. She's a professional that you can count on, talk to, confidential, inspirational, spiritual, educated, great sense of humor, and a GREAT BIG HEART!
(B. Turner, Carteret, NJ)
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