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'Through the Fire: A Woman's Journey' was published on July 14, 2019. It'​s a memoir; story of my life along with specific events which led me to want to tell my story. 'You can't heal what you won't reveal' - a quote from Jay-Z. My book was written to help others escape issues and challenges that I faced growing up and in my adulthood. Take a peek at the chapters of my new book:

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl

Growing up, Jersey Style

The Projects

Blood is Thicker Than Water . . . Or is it?

Money Never Equals Happiness


School Days

What About Your Friends?

Love, Lust and Lies

Love is Blind: Get Your Third Eye Examined

Until Death or the Other Woman Do Us Part

A Fatherless Child

Owning Your Own

My View on Islam

Black is Beautiful

Coming Out of the Dark

Dear Mama

Through the Fire: A Woman's Journey

Look out for Yasmeen's upcoming new book called, 'A Fatherless Child' in 2023.

Purchase Yasmeen's new book on Amazon! Here's the link -

Book Reviews

Riveting account of facts! The author offers an engaging collection of memories and timely quotes to inspire and motivate strength and prosperity. It is an atlas of life experiences guiding exemplary outcomes. Simply a gem to all walks of life!

(Keshia Dail - Easton, PA)

Courageous! She is brave in expressing her life experience; life lessons and deeper understanding can be derived from her journey. 

GOD bless her!

(Halima Ali - Raleigh, NC)

Excellent read! I read this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book was an easy read. I could relate to many things in this book. 

Thank you for sharing your life in this book.

(Kiesha Porter - Wake Forest, NC)

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